My teen already has their Permit, why should they take your class?

Our Road to Excellence Program is designed to integrate the classroom learning experience to the real life scenarios that they will encounter in the One on One driving sessions with our certified trainers. We have found that these drivers pick up the concepts of safe defensive driving when they have the classroom orientation. A permit evaluation only covers about 20% of Title 28, Rules of the Road. There is no discussion of Defensive Driving concepts on a permit evaluation. The national safety council shows a student going through classroom, versus a student that does not, has a 48% lower accident rate.

When am I supposed to schedule the driving part of the program?

With the Road to Excellence Program you should schedule the 1st drive within the first sixty days of receiving a permit. You can even schedule the first drive the same time you book the classroom.

What is the first drive with your school?

Students start our program with a wide range of experience. We see students for the first time with zero behind the wheel experience to students who already have more than 25 hours. We would like to see the student with our certified trainers early in the learning process. Students are not required to have any driving experience before their first lesson. With the RTE Program we do encourage parents to take the student to a parking lot for an initial orientation. Practice accelerating, braking, driving in a straight line, and right and left turns. Students with some initial practice make even more progress on the first drive. Each student receives a written evaluation and feedback from our certified trainers on the progress made during each session. Areas for improvement along with general guidelines on practice needed are provided on a form.

When can my teen get their permit?

They can get a learner's permit when they are exactly 15 1/2 years old. However, they are able to take our classroom portion anytime before they are 15 1/2. At the end of the class, we offer a practice permit evaluation, very similar to the official evaluation given at the MVD, as preparation. Once your teen is 15 1/2 go to the MVD, you do not need to make an appointment, just get there by 4:30 p.m. and they will issue the permit evaluation. If the student is under 18 years old, they have to hold their permit for exactly 6 months before they can get their license.

Does my teen get a Certificate of Course Completion?

Yes. You should make a copy of the certificate for your insurance company as most major carriers allow incentives to young drivers. You must contact your insurance company to see if any incentives apply.

When do I put my teen on my insurance policy?

In most cases when your teen receives their drivers license they should be a listed driver on your policy. However you must always check with your insurance company to confirm their rules.

What should I do to reschedule a One on One driving session?

Call as soon as you know, do not wait. You MUST cancel a full 48 hours prior to the scheduled drive time or there is a $60.00 rescheduling fee. Calling our office and leaving a message is one way to cancel, because our message machine is time stamped. Telephoning our office and speaking directly to a program advisor will make the rescheduling much easier.

Why a $60.00 rescheduling fee?

Our certified trainers are paid by the student. Without your notice we can not fill that slot and the certified trainer loses pay. We must then pay our certified trainers for the lost drive, the fee helps off-set the cost. This is why we ask you to be careful when scheduling your teen's drive time.

What do I need to bring the day of the classroom?

We collect payment on the day of the classroom and we accept Visa, Mastercard, check, cash, or money order. We also order pizza for lunch, if your student would like to participate it is $5, and there are vending machines for snacks and drinks as well.

On classroom day can I just drop off my teen at the school?

You can drop off your teen, but it is your responsibility to make sure their paperwork is in order. At pick-up we urge all parents of those teens who still need their permits to join the briefing by the certified trainers. The instructions and paperwork given to the teens is extremely important and it will help guide you through the process of getting the permit at the MVD and scheduling drives.

Can a parent come along on the drive?

Yes. We welcome proactive parents to be involved with our program, however there are some rules if you ride along. Silence is golden! You must be quiet when the actual drive is in progress, you may have NO interaction with your teen while our certified trainers is working. We do find the teen is most relaxed in the one-on-one session with just our certified trainers in the vehicle.

Can I purchase more driving sessions?

Yes. We do offer additional drives for your teen. Some students require additional time, so you can schedule additional drives by calling our office and setting a time that is convenient. We encourage you to consider additional drives if your teen is having difficulty or if your schedule makes it difficult to get practice time with your teen.

When do you hold the 3 hour driving sessions?

We hold Driving lessons 7 days a week. Driving times vary based on school schedules. If you have any questions, please call our office anytime and we will do our best to get you an answer.